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Tips and Care

At Milford Animal Hospital, we can not stress enough the importance of annual exams, especially for cats. Even if your pet is not due for a vaccination, it is essential to have your pet examined from head to tail every year. A lot can change in a year, especially when the average life span of a dog or cat is less than 13 years. Cats are especially skilled at hiding illnesses, often times until it's too late to treat. Call us today to schedule your pet's next visit.


The following is a list of conditions that requre immediate attention.
Respiratory distress (open-mouthed breathing, blue gums/tongue, increased respiratory effort)
Uncontrolled vomiting (i.e., inability to hold down food or water)
Diarrhea greater than three days duration
Retching, gagging with abdominal distension
Non-weight bearing lameness or limp of greater than four days duration or dragging hind legs
Seizures lasting more than five minutes or multiple seizures in the same day (clusters)
Full thickness wounds/lacerations or wounds that are bleeding uncontrollably
Known ingestion of toxin/poison or foreign object
Major traumatic injury (i.e., hit-by-car, broken bones, dog attacks, etc.)
Possible rabies exposure or contact with suspect wild animal (raccoon, skunk, etc.)
Acute collapse
Pale or white gums
Male cat that is straining to urinate
Burns – either chemical, from fires, or from biting power cords

If your pet is having an emergency, call the hospital immediately at 203.878.7471.
If you have an emergecy after hours, click the EMERGENCY link above for contact information for the closest emergency center.
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