Milford Animal Hospital COVID-19 Appointment Protocol

We have made the decision starting TUESDAY MARCH 17, 2020 to follow AVMA suggestions and practice strict social distancing in an effort to flatten the curve and mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

Only employees and your pets are allowed in the building, no exceptions

We will continue offering appointments for your pets. You will be greeted by a staff member when you arrive at which point your pet will be escorted to the exam room and awaiting veterinarian. Pet owners are to stay in their cars or if standing outside, they need to try to be at least six feet away from our employees.  Your veterinarian will then call you from the exam room and will discuss the history, exam findings and recommended treatment. It is likely that the phone number will be a blocked number as we are all using our personal cell phones. Please be sure you can receive blocked calls.  Cats must be in carriers; we will not accept them any other way. When treatment is complete, we will collect payment via credit card, cash or check. No billing is allowed. Your pet will be returned to you at your car. We have allotted extra time in our appointment schedule for this cumbersome procedure.  Please be patient as we work out the logistics and inevitable pitfalls. We will get through these trying times in our community as a community.

Please note that we are asking any clients who have symptoms compatible with COVID-19 to not visit Milford Animal Hospital. Kindly ask another family member or friend to bring in your sick pet.

Our veterinary healthcare team members are asymptomatic. As long as our team remains that way, we can continue to provide the Best Care for your Best Friend.