Wellness visits are available Monday through Saturday by appointment. At their wellness visit, your pet will receive a full exam from head to tail as well as receive any necessary vaccinations and yearly blood and fecal tests. Vaccine protocols are tailored to the lifestyle of the pet. At Milford Animal Hospital, we can not stress enough the importance of annual exams, particularly for our feline patients. Even if your pet is not due for a vaccination, it is essential to have your pet examined from head to tail every year. A lot can change in a year, especially when the average life span of a dog or cat is less than 13 years. Cats are especially skilled at hiding illnesses, often times until it’s too late to treat. Call us today to schedule your pet’s next visit.

We also offer technician appointments for visits that do not require your pet to be seen by a doctor. During these appointments, our skilled technicians can cut nails, administer follow up vaccines, draw blood, clean ears, remove sutures from a previous surgery, as well as provide a number of other valuable services.


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